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Yamato Jitsugyo products are made in Japan.

Ecology Air Stone : Flexistone<Now on Sale>
Flexistone uses “stainless” instead of the conventional “lead” as weight for submerging the pipe in water. By avoiding the use of harmful substance, it not only provides fresh oxygen to the aquarium fish, but also keeps the environment in the fish tank friendly for the fish.
At the time of disposal, it does not affect the environment so much, and therefore, you can say that Flexistone is friendly to fish, people and earth.
Friendly to the environment!
It is an air stone that uses stainless weight.
Very Flexible!
Because it is possible to bend it anyway you like, you can set it up in a circular manner, which allows you to display the water tank as you like.
Very Fine Bubbles!
Because the bubbles are very fine, the amount of dissolved oxygen is very large.
Heavy duty!
Because waterweeds and sand will not get inside the Flexistone tube, it is extremely durable.
Examples of Flexistone Arrangement/Installation
Selection of Air Pumps
FS Series
Pump Discharge Capacity
FS-30 FS-45 FS-60 FS-75 FS-90 FS-120 FS-150 FS-180 FS-200
500 cc/min. * * *            
1,000 cc/min. * * * *          
1,500 cc/min.     * *          
2,000 cc/min.       * *        
3,000 cc/min.       * *        
4,000 cc/min.       * * *      
6,000 cc/min.           * *    
8,000 cc/min.           * * *  
10,000 cc/min.             * * *
FS-30(For Air) Length 270mm (4mm Diameter / Single Opening) Open Price
FS-45(For Air) Length 420mm (4mm Diameter / Single Opening) Open Price
FS-60(For Air) Length 570mm (4mm Diameter / Single Opening) Open Price
FS-75(For Air) Length 715mm (4mm Diameter / Single Opening) Open Price
FS-90(For Air) Length 865mm (4mm Diameter / Single Opening) Open Price

*FS-120, FS-150, FS-180, FS-200 are also available
*From FS-150, there is opening on both sides
*Material : Natural rubber, Polyethylene, ABS resin, Stainless

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