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Yamato Jitsugyo creates comfortable underground environment and water environment.

Yamato Jitsugyo products are made in Japan.

Water Tube Underground Watering Pipe for Agriculture and Tree-Planting “Water Tube”
Water Tube is a hose buried underground that can supply water directly to the root area of plants. It is very effective in supporting the stable growth of plants, saving water and preventing disease and insect damage. It can be installed in farms, grass lawns, golf courses, home gardening and kitchen gardens. Also, if you use this hose for planting trees on the rooftop, it will help ease the heat island phenomenon.

Unique pipe
Aeration for Fisheries
“Unique Pipe”
“Unique Pipe Air Stone Type”<Now on sale>
Unique Pipe is installed underwater. When air is sent, tiny bubbles will be generated from the hose to provide abundant oxygen to live fish. It is ideal for transporting live fish, preserves, large water tanks and fish farms.

FLEXISTONE Ecology Air Stone “Flexistone”<Now on sale>
Flexistone uses “stainless” instead of the conventional “lead” as weight for submerging the pipe in water. By avoiding the use of harmful substance, it not only provides fresh oxygen to the aquarium fish, but also keeps the environment in the fish tank friendly for the fish.
At the time of disposal, it does not affect the environment so much, and therefore, you can say that Flexistone is friendly to fish, people and earth.

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Aeration for Fisheries

Unique Tube

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