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The story starts from 30 years ago.
The founder of our company started doing various business with his friends in Ginza, Tokyo. One of the business they were engaged in was the sale of this hose. One man working for our company brought back one hose by ship from abroad. Then, they decided to develop this hose into something that would be suitable for the soil and environment in Japan. Although it sounded easy, it proved to be very difficult after talking this matter over with many engineers. Then, finally, our company found this wonderful engineer, which ended up in the birth of our hose. This wonderful engineer is now 80 years old, but he still has many wonderful new ideas. He is still active and very enthusiastic about developing new products. He still retains the pure heart of a young boy, so please listen to what he has to say.

Memories of the Development
Let me see, I will try to recall what happened. I think it was in the year 1980.
It all started when Mr. N came to me and asked me if it is possible to make a mold that can produce something similar to a water hose. When I told him that it should be possible by revising the present mold, he said that he will bring n the raw material the next day. What he brought in was rubber powder. Up to that point, I only had experience in making something out of plastic. Therefore, I hesitated a little, but at the end, I decided to try it.
However, their request was not a normal hose, but a hose with tiny holes for supplying water or air.
Not only that, but water or air needed to be supplied evenly for the distance of over 50 meters.
I think it took more than a year to make the mold, try various mixing ratio of rubber and solve various unique problems.
But because of all this hard work, this product was able to acquire a utility model patent in Japan.
At the moment, there are countless techniques in making aeration tubes. So, I would like to continue to put all my effort in revising the present product to make even better models, without becoming content with what we have now.

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