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Unique Pipe Air stone type

Yamato Jitsugyo products are made in Japan.
New Unique Pipe Air Stone Type
Unique Pipe is installed underwater. When air is sent, tiny bubbles will be generated from the hose to provide abundant oxygen to live fish. It is possible to run the tube in a curved manner making it very flexible and easy to set up. It is ideal for transporting live fish, preserves, large water tanks and fish farms.
1. Because the material is very soft, it is unlikely to make any marks on the water tank surface and the range of wind amount control is very large.
2. Simple structure and low cost
3. According to the size you are using, it is also possible to use it with aquarium fish pump by using the auxiliary adaptor for 4mm tube.
4. We provide a fabulous selection of items - for general use, for microscopic bubbles and ozone semidurable.
Different material is used for ozone semidurable and the color is grey.
5. The material used for the weight is stainless that is friendly to the environment.
  For Air Pump For Microscopic Bubbles For semi-ozone
Total Length Model Number 20cm/YSA200 20cm/YSC200 20cm/YSO200
30cm/YSA300 30cm/YSC300 30cm/YSO300
40cm/YSA400 40cm/YSC400 40cm/YSO400
50cm/YSA500 50cm/YSC500 50cm/YSO500
60cm/YSA600 60cm/YSC600 60cm/YSO600
Outer Diameter 26mm 26.5mm
Material Special Synthetic Rubber EPDM
Material of the Weight Stainless 10mm
Appropriate Amount Of Wind 20cm (3 - 7 / min.)
30cm (5 - 11 / min.)
40cm (7 - 15 / min.)
50cm (9 - 19 / min.)
60cm (11 - 23 / min.)

One for microscopic use (Type C) requires more wind pressure than the normal air type (TypeA)


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